Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Looking out the plane window flying from Cusco to Lima

The clouds lay in the mountain valleys like a glacier. The snowy peaks rise above them as if to show off "the real thing." The plane does a surprisingly sharp 180 while I wonder if our altitude is sufficient. Of course, nobody gave me a parachute by which to abandon this plane mid-air. But I find one and jump, feeling the cold wind amidst a now silent beauty as the plane speeds off on its own. I am filled with with anticipation of where I will land alongside the high probability that I will die upon landing; within a day of landing by freezing to death. But I am not anxious. This moment is for me. Whatever comes next beyond this breathtaking, freezing beauty will be there when I arrive. For now, I see the beautiful clouds and mountains through tears, as much from cold as from wonder. Even here, amidst a very real pain and discomfort, I am in love with the life that is here for me.

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